Royal Punjabi Garam Masala

Royal Punjabi Garam Masala is a blend based on the traditional Garam Masala, but with a richer and stronger flavor that turns any dish into a delicacy.
This is a traditional spice mix not only for mastering exotic recipes of classic Indian cuisine, but also for adding new flavors to familiar dishes. The ready-made mixture of spices Garam Masala is ideal and perfectly combines with most products and can be used to prepare dishes from rice, various cereals and vegetables, legumes and peas, dal, samosas, vegetables, chicken, fish and meat, as well as in baked goods, fruit desserts , and even tea.
The spice mixture can be used alone or in combination with other herbs and spices, filling any dish with a rich taste and aroma. The mixture of Garam Masala also has a therapeutic effect, and is widely used in the preparation of healing Ayurvedic dishes to improve the functioning of the digestive system, normalize metabolism, increase blood circulation, stimulate love attraction, and prevent colds. It is especially recommended to use the Garam Masala spice mixture during the cold winter and off-season.

Weight: 100 g

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