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Щодня ми наполегливо працюємо, щоб зробити життя наших клієнтів кращим і щасливішим
Варіанти доставки/ Delivery options
Ми доставляємо продукцію по всій Україні.
Користуємося службою доставки «Нова пошта».
•У будь-яке відділення Нової Пошти у вашому місті
•На вашу адресу

We deliver the products all over Ukraine.
We are using Nova poshta's delivery service.
•To any Nova Poshta branch in your city
•To Your Address
Delivery Charges/ Вартість доставки
Вартість доставки згідно тарифів Нової пошти.
- 2-3 робочих дні та залежить від пункту призначення та часу відправлення.

Це приблизна вартість доставки та залежить від обсягу, ваги та місця доставки товару.
•До найближчої Нової Пошти 55~75 грн
•До Вашої адреси 75~95 грн
Безкоштовна доставка на період військового часу відсутня

*Після прибуття замовлення ви повинні забрати його протягом 7 днів.

The delivery charges are taken by Nova poshta.
These are the approximate Delivery Charges and depends on volume, weight and delivery location of goods.

•Till Your Nearest Nova Poshta 55~75 UAH
•Till Your Address 75~95 UAH
*Per kg according to Novaposhta's tarif

•Delivery charges Will depends on the volume of the order

*After arrival of your order you should pick it up within 7 days or Nova poshta will be sending it back and you will not be able to use our CASH ON DELIVERY option anymore.

Transit time: 2-5 working days. depends on destination and time of dispatch.

*Charges depends on volume, weight and delivery location of goods.
Payment Method/ Спосіб оплати
У зв'язку з введенням військового стану є відправки товарів

These are the payment methods:

Сash on delivery
Total Cost of your order + 4% cash on delivery commision of Nova Poshta.
Payment To Ukrainian/Indian Account
You can transfer it to our Ukrainian Bank Account or to our Indian Bank Account.

Return Policy and Failure to pick up/ Політика повернення
Validity of each order is 48 hours if a Correct response is not provide by your side the order will be automatically cancelled.

If you have failed to pick up your order, you will have to pay for the delivery charges

All the products you buy at UFISTORE, are covered by our returns policy.

If the product you buy from THE store is damaged or if you are not satisfied with it, then we will offer to refund the purchase or exchange the product. To make claim under return policy, you must contact us with detailed of the purchase & we will discuss the concern.

When receiving your order it should be checked at Nova Poshta or while courier is delivering the product. If you are not happy with the products you should immediately return it to Nova Poshta with resolution that you're are not accepting the order (due to product damage others Reason etc.) and they will immediately send it back to the sender with your complaint. We do don't accept any complaints after you have received your order all complaint are valid only in the presence of Novaposhta
As it's you obligation to check the products before receiving it from novaposhta.

We may also offer to refund the purchase price where you have simply changed your mind provided you to return the product to us unopened, in its original packaging, with proof of purchase and the product is still in a sound condition. You may be required to return the item to us at your cost.

For certain fresh food items (Sweets, Vegetables, Fruits and other perishable items) for hygiene reasons we are unable to accept these due to having changed your mind.
In providing refunds it will be our discretion to either refund purchase price in either the original payment method or store credit/voucher.

Sweets, has to picked up on the next day of delivery as its delicate product if you are late to pick up the sweets and if its spoiled we will not be providing you the refund

For your information
  • If you have placed an order and failed to pick up due to your own issue - you have the obligation to pay the delivery charges.
  • If some products are spoiled because you didnt pick up the order on time - you will have to do the payment of the spoiled products also.

If you have any questions regarding the shelf life of the products you can always ask us the picture before dispatching your order

We are more then happy to provide you the picture of the products

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